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At Zyirn Research Consultancy, we provide extensive support to the food industry, biological extracts, animal feed & agrochemical industries enabling them to deliver the product assurance the market place demands. Our company has generated value to agrochemical companies by providing an array of agrochemical testing services. Our expert scientists and consultants can help in bring the product to market quickly and cost-effectively on ensuring the safety, efficacy, quality, purity & regulatory needs of your Agrochemical Product.

Our company has generated value to many companies by placing studies with reputed CRO’s, outsourcing and managing following research studies:

  • Acute 6-pack Studies
  • Genotoxicity Studies
  • Ecotoxicology Studies
  • Acute, Repeat Dose & Chronic Toxicology Studies
  • Analytical Chemistry Studies
  • Physicochemical Studies
  • Environmental Fate and Metabolism (Water, Soil and Air)
  • Residual Studies (Crops, Fruits and Vegetables)
  • 5- Batch Analysis
  • Shelf-life and Chemistry Studies

Services for Biological Products:

  • Regulatory strategy for bio-stimulants/bio-fertilizer – guidelines for product testing & its registration in India
  • Scientific advice/expert opinion for new biological product introduction & its registration in India
  • Dossier data generation with SAU (State Agricultural Universities) & GLP certified labs for product registrations of Bio-stimulant/Bio-fertilizer

Services on New plant-derived molecules (Plant metabolites)

  • Guidance for the selection of new-generation biological molecules i.e plant metabolites for the control of insect pests & diseases
  • Dossier data (from GLP-certified labs) generation for plant metabolites

Services on Biotech crops (Transgenic crops) & Genome Editing Crops

  • Gene/gene construct sourcing
  • Transgenic crops dossier data generation, procedures for applying to RCGM/GEAC for protocol approvals
  • Practical guidance for conducting Event Selection Trials & BRL -1 & BRL-2 trials for transgenic crops
  • Genome editing technologies – sourcing & obtaining licenses for crop improvement
  • Dossier data generation for genome editing crops

Services on Technology acquisition & transfer

  • Technology acquisition & technology transfer from TTO/Institutions

Services on access to Plant genetic resources & regulatory approval

  • Guidance for obtaining approval from NBA for germplasm sourcing/exchanging, access to bio-materials

Services on Plant Variety Protection & Phytosanitary requirements

  • PPV & FRA registration for crops
  • Phytosanitary certificate requirements for importing/exporting germplasm

Services on Trade Mark, Copyright registrations:

  • Guidance for filing Trade mark, copyright registrations for seeds

At Zyirn, we assist you in accelerating your growth with a fast turnaround to meet the project deadlines, with great quality data in a cost-effective way. We can also monitor the entire scope of research work on your behalf.

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