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Human Resource and Training Related Services

Our consultants at Zyirn, are experienced and skilled scientists working in the industry for more than 20 years. All these years, we have developed a very strong and good rapport with the industry people at various levels. Our regular training programs keep us in touch with the young, energetic and enthusiastic professionals. We specialize in conducting training programs for entry level beginners who have just joined industry and also for fresh college graduates who are ready to dive into this exciting industry. We don’t promote ourselves to be a HR or placement firm but we do work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and try to provide them with the best fit based on the qualification, training and experience of the candidates and job description /profile of the position.

We have our own data bank of candidate applications across various disciplines. Our data bank includes CV’s that are accumulated over a period of two decades. Quite often, we provide known validated resources by assessing their profiles for the said position, before we refer their candidature for client consideration.

Training Services

At Zyirn, we also provide training related to technical /scientific aspects, animal handling and welfare, regulatory requirements as well as quality control and quality assurance. Our trainers are industry subject matter experts (SMEs) who average over 20 years of life science and pharmaceutical experience.

How do we help our clients and organisations?

  • We help pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical device companies build knowledgeable and compliant workforces
  • We create on demand, organization specific, target audience oriented specialised training programs like Leadership Development / Efficiency Improvement (Six Sigma type) / Process Optimization and Improvement
  • We are dedicated to advancing careers of those working to develop new therapies and to protect patient safety
  • We are committed to educating the scientific community through professional training solutions across a wide array of research applications areas and experience levels

Our consultants have hands-on experience of real time situations and issues faced by different organizations at different time points, we really understand the training needs of the organization in their technical and scientific domain, and can provide the same to increase the technical expertise, process optimization and efficiency improvements within our domain.

What can you expect from our scientific training sessions?

  • Quality education that is both challenging and innovative
  • Training and support that teaches you how to engage in or direct research
  • Interdisciplinary courses that encourage collaborations between different science disciplines
  • Hone your skills in research and communication, leadership and management, responsible conduct of research. These areas are fundamental for developing a successful scientific career.
  • Opportunities to learn from expert professionals who are recognized internationally for their contributions to science.

Our training topics are:

  • Regulatory Training
  • Animal Welfare and Animal User Training
  • Research Application Techniques

We offer individual and price-saving special packages for our corporate clients. Avail our services, to accelerate the growth of your organization by training your team members in specific areas of scientific research.

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