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Below are some testimonials from several of our clients’ with whom Zyirn Research Consulting Services have been working . You will find that our clients have been extremely satisfied by our expertise, knowledge and professionalism. They have also derived significant value from working with us. We are confident that you will as well.

The training program on "Auditor-Auditee Relationship and QAU in GLP" on 17Jan2021 was indeed a wonderful learning experience and provided in-depth knowledge on the topic. The way the session progressed with relatable examples given by you was commendable. Thanks once again for the program and looking forward to have more such interactions.

Ms. Jyoti Baweja, M.Sc. ToxicologyGLP Consultant, Dossier Management (Module 2.4)

Ms. Nimisha shared very good information on CPCSEA, all aspects on Animal husbandry such as housing, bedding, feed, water etc was informative and well explained. The doubt solving session at the end of webinar was very useful.

Mr. Avinash Suryawanshi (VES College of Pharmacy, MUMBAI)

Laboratory Animals In Research Webinar was very informative and well executed.


Excellent webinar on “Laboratory Animals In Research” . Would like to have Webinars series with variety of topics.

Dr. Ruksana Majid Shah (Division of AGB, FVSc KASHMIR)

Webinar session on “Laboratory Animals in Research” was very informative and useful Overall it was good & interactive session.

Rahul Saxena (Ravishankar College of Pharmacy)

“ Laboratory Animals In Research – Care & Use“ Webinar was very informative and interactive. Doubts were cleared and indepth knowledge was shared. Thank you for such a wonderful webinar. Looking forward to attending more Webinars in future. Session was very well planned and delivered. Speaker was very friendly and cleared doubts of attendees.

Dr. Shweta Dalwee

For India, it was early morning but since it was so informative, whole attention was shifted to the webinar.


The webinar was a good approach in understanding the principles of GLP and how to manage things in a GLP system.

Saurabh Khurana

The GLP webinar training was very interesting. I really learnt a lot and was very helpful.

Ms. Kiran Prasad ( Lab technician)

Good Laboratory includes type of laboratory work, discipline, management, personnel, premises, safety, equipment, reagents, standard operating procedures, and internal quality control, external quality assessment, method, dedicated operating procedure, syllabi, and clinical relevance. GLP and its principle elements need to be followed to promote the quality of test data, to avoid duplication of research, to improve the protection of human health and environment, to facilitate international acceptance of test data and to prevent the creation of technical trade barriers.


The GLP webinar was very detailed and informative. Kindly cover topic on OECD guidelines.

Kriti Soni

The GLP webinar Very informative, I had like to attend webinar Toxicopathology.

Surjeet Singh

It was nice , i am interested to attend more like this

Harshit Patel

GLP webinar was very helpful for me as we are working on projects where we need to follow GLP norms.

Gupta shilangi manojbhai

GLP webinar was a wonderful session and Imran sir explained so well about GLP. Please cover topics on Genotoxicity, Inhalation toxicology, QSAR toolbox for impurities risk assessment.


The webinar was very much comprehensive and covered Basic principles of GLP.


The GLP webinar was very much informative and useful session. Please cover topic on ‘How to face the effective GLP Audit’.

Rupali Vijay Chavan

The webinar was informative as I was new to concept of GLP, webinar gave me an insight to importance and implementation of GLP.

Prashanth P

The webinar is all about summary of what I have done in my last 3 years. Dr. Imran captured each and every small detail in his webinar.

Dr. Yogesh Kumar Bulani

Session was very much informative everyone who is working in GLP labs. Covered all the subtopics that I was expecting. Just want another brief session on archive.

Dr. Ashish Jayawant Patil

Excellent knowledge and session from Dr Imran. Would like to attend webinar on computer system validation.

Sammeer Inamdar

The presenter covered all most all topics. I would like to attend webinar on Audits.

laxman kaswan

The webinar was excellent and informative, with in depth principles of GLP covered. Thanks for the organizers, hopefully of series of webinars

Mangesh B. Chodankar

Precise and very valuable information, guidelines & in a professional manner presented. I would like to thank the presenter, Dr Imran and all the organizing committee for their efforts..

Dr. Pathan Mohsin Khan

Good overview of GLP principles. Well on time. The presenter answered all the questions precisely.

Srinivas Seekallu

The webinar was very good and lot of information we learnt in the session

Mrs. Leelavathi H.

The GLP webinar was very informative and helpful to the know about GLP system

Rakesh pedda yallappagari

The webinar is very informative for understanding principles of GLP

Dr. Manajit Bora

The GLP webinar was great, and helpful for us


GLP webinar is very much informative for me and very helpful for my future research.


Dr. Imran explained in a very good way i like webinar, and i would like to attend more such webinar in future

Harshit Patel

Thank you. The presentation (Regulatory Toxicology: General Introduction, 03Jan2021) was really clear and useful. I am working on toxicology since 1 year without any background and you summarised all I needed to know and put together. Thank you.”

Dr. Claudia Demarta-Gatsi, Ph.D., Post doctoral fellowWorking at Medicine for Malaria Venture on anti-Malaria combinations and toxicology studies, Switzerland

It was a nice and very informative lecture (Regulatory Toxicology: General Introduction, 03Jan2021). You have given extraordinary background information upon "Regulatory" needs in the field of drug and agro-chemicals development. My humble request to you is to deliver one or 2 lectures on the Technical Part of Risk Assessment process, like derivation of PDE, OEL or Cleaning Validation for APIs and Formulation and/or Agrochemicals. At last, I enjoyed your way of delivering the lecture. It shows your superlative confidence in the subject you deal with. Congrats.

Dr. G. Selvam, MVSc., PhD, DICVP, DIBTP, DABT, (PGD Reg. Med.) FASc (AW),Consultant Toxicologist / Toxicologic Pathologist.

Thank you so much Sir for organizing training (Auditor-Auditee Relationship and QAU in GLP" on 17Jan2021). It was very informative. This type of education can really change the mindset of GLP personnel. Everyone should go through this training before facing audits

Dr. Shraddha Rusia, Ph.D.New York, USA Toxicologist and Quality Assurance

After attending your training program (Relationship between Principles of GLP and ISO/IEC 17025, 25Apr2012) I came to understand, which of the points are very important from GLP and ISO/IEC 17025 aspects (point of views) and this presentation cleared a lot of questions which were there in my mind as a fresher to this field. Thank you.

Dr. Urmila Nagdavne, M.V.Sc. Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology Trainee Research Officer, ToxicologyKrish Biotech Research Pvt. Ltd.

The presentation (Relationship between Principles of GLP and ISO/IEC 17025, 25Apr2012) was extremely informative and helpful in understanding the differences and comparisons of its accreditation scopes.

Dr. Priyanka Sharma, M.Sc. Toxicology, Ph.D.Scientist, Shriram Institute of Industrial Research

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